Friday, April 2, 2010

Why are we so masochistic?

Why do we like to be afraid? What's wrong with us?

I like watching horror movies, I like to feel scared, feel the adrenalin rushing through my blood, I like the tension, it's like a drug. But why is that so?
Yesterday night I was watching "Meat Train" which was really scary and I started to think WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?!? It was so disgusting, but I kept watching. All the time I thought, that I will turn it off, but I didn't, I liked to feel the fear. And it made me think about this. Am I a masochist? And maybe in a way we all are. Even my mom kept watching "Meat Train" although she hated it and kept commenting what a awful movie this is. But she watched it to the end. And I can't figure out why is this happening? Why do we like to feel fear? Are we all really masochists? Is it because safe life is boring? we really need to feel threatened just to feel alive?

Thinking about this made me make my scariest horror film top 3:
  1. "Paranormal Activity" This movie has left a trauma in my memory, seriously. Me and my friends watched it at night, home alone, it was breathtaking.
  2. "Haunting In Connecticut" The same with this movie, only not so frightening
  3. "The Exorcism Of Emily Rose" I went to the movie alone years ago, but it's made a deep impression. Even now the scariest hour for me is 3AM.
So let's keep living our safe boring lives. ;)


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Behind the Fat said...

Hi there! Im "Komentaring"

Wow your from Latvia?,awesome.. I dont even know where that is on the map!:P

I just wanted to say that I like your blog. I dont think we like to be scared in real life, you know? Just as long as the monsters stay behind the screen..its all good fun.

Peace out~ ! :)