Thursday, July 15, 2010


The world could stay silent. Just for a while. The cool air feels refreshing on my sun tanned skin. The darkness blindfolds me, all I can see is a distant streetlight. I breath in the fresh air and close my eyes. I feel like in a forest. The scent of trees wraps around me. I listen. There's nothing to hear, only the sound of my beating heart. The world could always stay this silent, I'm tired from the noise. My ears can rest. I look at the sky. Is it always this beautiful? The moon is as bright as my soul. The stars form in different shapes. I could look at them for eternity, but still notice new drawings. Yes, the sky is like a drawing. The most beautiful of them all and it's not man-made. I can still feel the scent of the rain. It's my favorite scent in the world. Just minutes ago the tender raindrops were touching my skin, soaking me, calming me. I hope the rain will come back. I'll wait for it. And when it will return, I'll smile to the sky, thanking it for this moment.