Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny how everything changes

It's Easter break. [well, not for me, but anyway I'm home all day 'cause I'm sick] I remember when I was younger [I know I'm still young ;D] I liked all the Easter traditions, like coloring eggs, battling with them and so on, but now it's just annoying. It was the same with Christmas, I used to like making ginger breads and pasties with my mom, but now, I'm just too tired for all that. Could this mean I'm all grown up?
It's funny how my thoughts have changed over the last few years, in this one especially. I just feel like I'm not the same person I was yesterday. And what will be tomorrow? And after a year? What will happen to my dreams and goals? Will I still try to fulfill them? Or will I have new ones? What will happen with my friends, it feels like I have nothing in common with some of them even now. Are they still my friends or maybe only persons to say "Hi!" to. I'm scared of loosing myself, I'm scared of becoming someone else, someone that's not me. But on the other hand, all I want is to be better and maybe I'm not good enough and I have to change everything about me? Who am I asking these questions to? Myself? You? If not, then who? I feel like I'm just screaming towards a dark abyss and all I can hear is my echo screaming back at me, but only louder. What if these changes are bad? What if I make the wrong decisions and ruin my life? And how am I supposed to know what is right and what's wrong?



Anonymous said...

I basically agree on everything :')

zakis said...

you`ll gonna find out that. do not be scared, thats all. everything will happens exactly as you wish... i love u :)