Sunday, May 22, 2011


The choices I've made have gotten me here. Everything happens for a purpose. Mistakes are made so we could learn from them. And with everything new comes new experience. And if you're being good, you're gonna get it back. Patience pays. And when the right time comes, everything else fades away. Hours seemed to last for years, days were empty, my mind was blank. And after what seemed a really long time, I got them back. I got my wings back. It was weird to learn how to fly once again, but I'm a fast learner. This time I was more careful, I didn't fly so high anymore. But when you took me by the hand I couldn't help it, I burst up in the sky. Faster and higher flying towards happiness. That is where I'm going. I'm actually there already, I'm just flying further in it. Exploring new tastes and colors, giving the world more smiles. And you're giving me more reasons to keep smiling and be happy. And next thing I knew - I fell in love with you. And I am sure of myself. That's why I had to tell it to you. And then we kissed. It felt so good. You taste like summer, rain & peppermints. And now everything's different. I'm yours, I am.