Saturday, February 26, 2011


I want to go to Paris. I want to wake up someplace new. I want to meet people I like, I want to do things I love. I want to live like I've got all eternity ahead of me. I want to live without fear, without routine, without problems and worries. I want to scream out loud of joy on a street full of people. I want to dance in the rain and laugh like I'm insane. I want to live like every day's a holiday. I want my face to hurt from smiles. I want the fresh summer morning air to fill my lungs. I want to dive from a cliff in a crystal clear blue lake. I want to drive fast in a car and let the wind play with my hair. I want go shopping not caring how much money I spend. I want to bake cookies with smiley faces on them. I want to go on an endless roadtrip without a destination. I want to sleep under the bright night stars. I want to have fun no matter what I do.
I want to do it all with you.


Anonymous said...

to do something, you must .. do it. just get up, start doing it. step by step, just never stop. and to do that with someone else, you must learn to do that by yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lucky one with who you want to do all that